If I had a Super Power ….

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… it would most definitely have to be the Power of 3 …. For those of you who never watched Charmed – then you’ve missed out !


It’s possibly one of the best shows I’ve seen and I was hooked on it .. to a point I would ditch my boyfriend and head back home to watch the show with my old flat-mate in London .. that was ‘our time’ to hang out and watch something together =) damn just thinking about those days make me smile and sends a shiver down my body … memories are great fun aren’t they ?

Getting back to the Power of 3 … the show is about 3 sisters (a fourth sister CHARMED2 is discovered when one of them dies) who are considered to be the most powerful ‘good’ witches .. Each sister has a different power ranging from telekinesis and astral projection; ability to freeze objects (temporal statis) and blow things up at will (molecular combustion); the power of premonition (past and future) and the ability to combine telekinesis with orbing (objects and people) ….

If only I could have those sort of powers – it would make some things so much easier … especially orbing ! Considering the amount of traffic I sit through – at least the ability to orb would save me quite a few hours of my day.  It just seems that lately I seem to be wondering where do the hours go ??


Gautam said...

Why don't we see more of Alyssa Milano any more anywhere?! :(

Dazediva said...

@ Gautam ... yeah she was brilliant in Charmed :) actually haven't ever seen her in anything else

Wilmaryad said...

I have seen, firsthand, the unique super power you have, which you seem oblivious about.

You have the ability to cheer up somebody's day like no other can. Your words penetrate the heart like a bullet that keeps perforating after it gets entangled. :-)

The Charmed Witches' superpowers pale in comparison to yours, and you're a woman phenomenally - phenomenal woman!

Dazediva said...

@ Mister GAG .. aww *big hugs* you've totally got me blushing ! I like that sexy smile on you :)

Wilmaryad said...

Thank you for the warmth and good vibes you sent; they sure have gone through the computer screen :)