Theobroma Brownies … An Orgasmic Experience

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Yes ! You read the title correctly … =)

Now, you must be wondering – 'what' is a 'theobroma brownie' and 'how' can a 'brownie' be an 'orgasmic experience' ?? For those of you who have no clue what a 'Theobroma' brownie is – allow me to explain.

I presently live in Mumbai and have been here for just over a year. During my time here, and being the dessert lover that I am, I have taken it upon myself to be able to find 'good dessert' around the city to satisfy any of my cravings. The best part about eating here is that you always get baked products straight from the oven. The coffee deserves a couple of brownie points too.

Theobroma which means "food of the gods" lives upto its name as the apt word that comes to mind to describe the food is "heavenly."

A bit of background on Theobroma's - a tiny dessert café – tucked away towards the end of a popular shopping haunt known as Colaba Causeway in the heart of South Mumbai. One might even miss it if you aren't actually looking out for it. However, every time I have gone there, morning, noon or night – the place is buzzing with activity. I believe it's run by a Parsi lady as I met quite a sweet aunty behind the counter and all the staff were listening to her instructions.

I was having quite a tiring week after having squinted at excel sheets all day, every day for 8 hours at a stretch and decided that I needed a dose of dessert to perk my mood up. I turned up at Theobroma's and after debating out the chocolate levels in each brownie with that nice aunty I mentioned earlier – I ordered 6 Chocolate Overload Brownies ! Before you think that they were all for me (although I would have eaten them myself !) – I had very nicely considered my colleagues at work and thought to bring them some brownies back as well.

So here I was in the back of my car, with a box of brownies next to me – and despite it being only 10:30 a.m. – the sweet tooth got the better of me and I was ready to bite into this delightfully fluffy brownie … From the moment of that first bite, my eyes swooned shut and all I could do was just savor the various flavours that were creating tingling sensations around my mouth ! This swooning behavior with a few occasional whimpering sighs of pleasure continued until the last bite and it took much resistance not to eat another brownie.

As you can imagine, the rest of the morning and afternoon flew by, and I'd even had a smile on my face =) Towards tea-time, two colleagues and I sat down for what was our late lunch and nursed away our hunger pangs with some noodles. One of the ladies, had never heard of Theobroma's – and it gave me great pleasure in describing to her – the ultimate brownie experience. I had by now gotten her a piece of brownie and asked her to close her eyes and just enjoy the taste and the experience of her first chocolate orgasm ! It was just utterly delightful to watch someone eat a dessert for the first time and ENJOY it as much as you do ! So I'm a bit OTT on the dessert section of any menu – but in my world, why eat dinner when you can eat dessert ?

Amidst tons of giggles and sighs of pleasure – my colleague asked me 'How old are you?' and I replied '26 turning 27 soon' to which she looked up at me, and with a smile, told me 'You are a wise young woman to be able to discover this' !

Ladies won't you agree with me on this theory … Since most women find it hard to achieve an orgasm or are unable to experience the Big O with their partners – if there was a guaranteed way – for you to feel the pleasure that an orgasm can bring – each and every time – wouldn't You opt for the brownie =P