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French Vanilla !

The other night I was about to head out for a house party and sort of lingered over my perfume collection and was wondering ‘how I want to smell’ that night … yeah you read that right .. I didn’t think about which perfume I wanted to wear but more so how I wanted to smell …

Silly I suppose – but it all started years ago in high school when I started wearing ‘Fleur de Vanille – Vanilla Flower’ by L’Occitane.  It’s an Eau De Toilette and by far the one scent that has gotten head turning reactions even out on the crowded Oxford Street in London !   I had gotten this perfume from a class mate who had picked it up for me from Saudi Arabia – and the first day I wore it in school – almost every guy in my class and the class above me must have stopped to ‘sniff’ me !  My then boyfriend told me that all he could think about coming close to me was desserts’ !  Another one of the guys labeled me ‘brown sugar’ after that since I was smelling so sweet !  fleur des vanilliers

I must have gone through a few bottles of this perfume and then suddenly the company stopped making it ! I was almost in depression and managed to save my last bottle and still have it to date with less than half an inch of perfume left in there !  The company did come out with another one which is quite close to the original and its called L’Occitane Eau De Toilette de Vanilliers – slightly different shaped bottle but just as sexy when put on :) 

However a couple of weeks ago – I ‘wanted’ another original bottle and quite literally went through every website possible including which caters to a wide range of women’s fragrances across brands to try and hunt it down.  I couldn’t find what I was looking for but I did find quite a few of my other favourite perfumes on there so do go and check it out – there are some bargain buys too !

At the end of the day – I do like a variety of perfumes – but tend to stay with fairly light summer scents for casual everyday wear … something along the lines of an Estee Lauder – Pleasures; Escada – Into the Blue.  I don’t really Since I’m a total night person and party animal in the evenings – I prefer something that catches the attention of those around me such as Christian Dior – Hypnotic Poison or Dolce Vita; Chopard – Wish; Thiery Mugler – Angel

My evening scents are much stronger than what I would wear during the day – however they all have one thing in common – the fragrance that comes about from each of these perfumes once it touches my skin – always reminds me of a strong vanilla scent – and it’s more or less become my trade mark =)  The smell is just soothing to me – gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling and at the same time a zap of energy – like a boost to my day.

What about you ? Are there any smells that move you to the core ? or any that just make you want to hold your nose and wonder ‘why??’  So .. what’s your smell like :P or shall I be politically correct and say ‘what’s your fragrance’ ? 


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WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

When something smells like vanilla, I want to lick it, eat it. So, I am not sure what would happen if I would smell vanilla on a person... would I lick it? Hmm,...
I am a femme by Hugo Boss Bitch! Mother gave me Angel as a present last year on my birthday. Though it is a tit bit more sweet smelling (Mother tries her utmost best to get me sweeten up, NOT WORKING!) than I would like to smell, I did like it. Did not give it away.

Dazediva said...

@ WSG hahah you're just like moi :) Vanilla drives me crazy - so does a good musky scent on a man .. nothing better than a man who smells good and gets a head turn when he walks past ;)

Angel is a super sexy perfume so don't think of it as sweet .. I don't know too men who haven't drooled over a chick wearing Angel :)

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uuuuuuhhhm...I smell a light scent of piss... and it reminds me that there's a little puppy running around this house that still needs to be housebroken.