Time Just Seems To Fly !

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chickentimeflies2I can’t believe we’re already in the first week of October !  In some ways I feel like the year has literally flown by .. and the past 2 weeks … I don’t know where they went !

In India there have have been 2 long weekends; 26th – 28th September and 1st-3rd October .. and I was working through BOTH of them …. Highly productive for me, but draining at the same time.

I also feel like I’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster the last few weeks … It’s been incident after incident that’s been hitting me in the face and on some level it has obviously  affected me.

My colleague AA – who I have mentioned a few times before -  left the company on 23rd September.  I knew for months that he was looking at a change in jobs and when he finally made the decision to move – as much as I was expecting it – it was a surprise and upsetting.  Not only would I lose a great colleague to work with – but also one of the first ‘friends’ I had made within my office.  I have worked with him for exactly 2 years and the office feels weird without him sitting behind me.  

24th September was the mark of 2 years of me having worked with my current employer … Normally such things are celebratory for me – but it actually slipped my mind … till the end of the day … I realised that over the years I have made an effort to remember any significant dates that hold meaning to those close to me … and funnily enough – other than my birthday – I can’t say that anyone has gone out of their way to remember something significant to me.

6th October was emotionally numbing ! My boss, mentor, and friend – HA – announced his departure from the company (ok he didn’t but our CEO said it on his behalf) ! I was in shock – so much so that I had to excuse myself, grab some tissue and dab away at my eyes … and then of course got on the phone with HA who was laughing at my reaction.

I spent a great deal of time with him in his cabin and we were just generally talking about what his plans were and how he is going to take things forward in his life.  It’s a new beginning for him and I’m very happy for him because I know that he has the Midas Touch :)

Taking these two departures into consideration, I am left wondering ‘so what now for me’ …



Anonymous said...

Got dropped in ur blog when I was just doing blog hopping... but ur blog hasn't made me to feel regret for it.... :-P

May be two of ur dearest might have left ur office... But I believe that they have give u lot of sweet memories to cherish for life time...

Dazediva said...

@ Balasrini - thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment, much appreciated :) It's true that both AA & HA have left me with a lifetime of amazing memories .. In fact am heading to HA's place tonight for a mini farewell party :)