Candy Floss for Brains ...

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Can you think of anyone who would actually use that phrase on another person ? on public television ?

Come on .. give it a think ... who else could do this ... ? Think of all the TV hosts for game shows ... now think of trivia shows .... yes you're almost there .. you know that woman ... you can just picture her right now and her name is at the tip of your tongue ......

You got it !
Anne Robinson of The Weakest Link !!

Whilst flicking channels, caught the show and decided to stay tuned .. and during the debating round for who is the weakest link, she comes out with the above line ...Who has Candy Floss for Brains ?

Priceless ! I quite enjoyed that phrase and couldn't help but laugh out loud :) You see I have a very sarcastic sense of humour - and I really can relate to her verbal bashing ! Don't get me wrong - some of her comments are very offensive and really don't need to be said to a stranger on television.

However credit must be given - she's managed to say things on TV to a millions of people - which probably none of us will ever be able to 'really' do. I say this because most of us are too socially & politically correct to engage in a battle of sarcasm wittiness heaven fobid we might actually offend anybody !

Now no one really wants to go out and intentionally offend another human being - but with the way life goes - there comes a time when all of us have offended someone unintentionally ... having said this - we have also intentionally gone out of our way to ensure that the other person knows what's coming to them.

Think back to some incidents in your life .. perhaps the last 3 months .. what kind of people did you meet and interact with on
a regular basis ? did you meet anyone that you would never want to meet again ? did you ever have a conversation with someone who just made you want to scream and tear your hair out in frustration because they just didn't have the mental capacity to comprehend what you were saying ???

And what did you do about it ? Could you say anything to them ? Or were you not able to
express your true feelings because you'd just end up having to 'explain' to this person the 'meaning' of what you said !

Here are some quotes that I came across which I think would very aptly describe some of the encounters I've had with people ... I really can't believe that such dimwitted primitive type of individuals still exist out there ...

  • Who has a room temperature IQ?
  • Who at this early stage is already suffering from a lack of brain power?
  • Whose all pastry and no filling ?
  • Who is all talk but no answers ?
  • Whose mouth is in gear, but brain is in neutral ?
  • Whose mouth & brain are getting divorced ?
  • Who has the knowledge of an empty hole ?
Are you able to relate to these phrases ? Do you say what's on your mind no-matter how harsh or do you save those zingers for when you just can't take it anymore and you feel like your intake of garbage and nonsense has reached a choking point ?

I'm quite an upfront in-your-face type person .. I have known to be 'rude' (as my cousin tends to point out) to a point where my poor cousin has had her jaw drop to the ground. She often tells me that I need to tone it down a notch or two .. but really I just can't .. I can't help react in a certain way especially when the person opposite me is the one causing such an outburst.

I don't think I am as sarcastic / mean / cut-throat as Anne Robinson here .. but I think she'll be proud of my one-line zingers - if you know what I mean ;)


Unknown said...

Thats awesome babe.. I dont think you are read.. u just call spade a spade and I admire people who can d that. Keep up with those zingers... Tc.. Sai