Smile for the Camera !

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Photography, fortunately, to me has not only been a profession but also a contact between people - to understand human nature and record, if possible, the best in each individual. Nickolas Muray

I came across this quotation earlier today and really felt that I could relate to it. Anyone who has ever met me, no matter how briefly, will be able to identify me as 'the girl with the camera'

I always carry my camera with me - everywhere ! It's like a daily routine - wake up, shower, get ready for work, throw in last minute things into the handbag - and hey the camera gets thrown in there too !

Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed taking pictures .. back in the day, when the digital camera was still being developed, and the good ol' Kodak film rolls were in abundance, I would go through a roll of film each week .. and this was whilst I was still in school.

There came a time, when I thought, 'damn - 36 photos are just not enough' !!
Photography was turning out to be an expensive pass-time for me but it never stopped me. I have albums, upon albums of memories all waiting to be explored and commented upon. Whilst at university, I managed to build a collection of almost 2000 printed photographs (yes those 4"x6" ones!!)

And then finally, a few years ago - I got my first digital camera ! This lil' invention is truly a blessing in disguise for people like myself ! I couldn't believe just how many pictures I could take on any given day and all I had to do was upload them to my computer / laptop :) Now I could click away all night long with no worries except for the battery dying out.

The store assistant assured me that it was not possible to run out a battery in one evening .. and believe me one day, I did go back to just to point out that IT IS in fact possible for this to happen ! Ask my cousin - she'll be able to tell you just how capable I am of leaving a party - just to go back home to charge my camera battery ... all because I don't want to miss a single moment of the night !!

Photographs are great ... they capture memories, special moments, and with the new digitals - you can even record videos onto them - so you have instant LIVE FEED from your day / night out with friends / family / colleagues etc.

Some of my friends and family - HATE my camera with a passion - they do everything to avoid getting their picture taken .. and I just have one thing to say to them ... GIVE IN .. they know I'm going to keep the camera with me ... so might as well just succumb to it and let me be in peace for having captured that moment. I'm not one of those evil people who will upload and post up nasty / unflattering pictures of my 'victims' .. I'm really good at censoring stuff like that .. Especially with the dawn of Facebook and other networking sites - where one can 'tag' pictures of people .. I do believe in censoring some images ..

The photographs I take are for me .. for my memories .. should you want to recall what went on at a party whilst you were completely sloshed - check out my pics and you could catch up with what actually went on that day ... I want to be able to look back at my life and really feel that I have 'been there, done that, experienced this, and yes really I did THAT' ...